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Category: Cannabis For The Curious

An Inside Look At Some Of Our Best Strains   What Exactly Is Craft Cannabis? Cupcakes Cannabis takes pride in providing our patients with only the best high quality and professionally grown craft cannabis. You may be wondering, what makes craft cannabis, “craft”? Premium coffee, craft beers and wines are defined by their status of […]

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Which Cannabis strain is right for you? Have you always wondered what Cannabis strain is best for you based on your personality, hobbies, or interests? Find out with our Cannabis Personality Test! Have you ever gone into a cannabis shop or caregiver storefront and been overwhelmed by all the strain options? It’s important to know […]

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The Effects of Indica vs SativaBy: Colleen Kibler Licensed Cannabis Caregiver INDICA Generally speaking, Indica strains are physically and mentally sedative which is why people often say “Indica: in ‘da couch” to help them remember this classification. Those looking for pain relief, help with sleep and support for stress/anxiety or PTSD most often find themselves […]

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